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Rare 19th Century Painted Dress Ring

Up for sale is this rare mid to late 19th century continental gold ring. A completely unique piece for your collection.

In the picture it looks like the stone is dented at the top but this is just a reflection of light from my lightbox. The stone is not dented.

A cold enamel painted amethyst/paste stone set in a 18ct Gold band. The prongs have been hand carved. Tested and confirmed for 18ct gold.

The enamel painting depicts a woman carrying a bushel. The red and blue colours are vivid and the painting is in amazing condition.

The purple stone is an amethyst or an amethyst coloured paste. Approx. 1.5cm in height and 8mm wide.

No hallmarks.

Ring size J1/2

Box in listing is not included.

The stone and setting is secure but has a slight "lean" from age where it is not perfectly straight set in the middle. The stone is scratched on the face but still in nice condition.

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