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18ct Coin of Arethusa Decadrachm Medallion Pendant

A wonderful 18ct Yellow Gold Pendant. 

A large double sided coin is inset inside a bezel.

The coin is a copy of an ancient Sicilian piece known as The coin of Arethusa.

It depicts the Nympth Arethousa surrounded by dolphins with a scallop shell behind her neck. The reverse depicts a charioteer with four horses with the Goddess Nike flying above. 

Similar examples: https://www.coinarchives.com/a/results.php?search=decadrachm+Syracuse&s=0


2.7cm in diameter. 

Tested as 18ct gold with what I believe are worn french assay marks on the loop. 

A truly beautiful piece dating to the 20th century. 

Free worldwide shipping and will be gift wrapped. 

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