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18ct Gold Tassel Bracelet with Ptolemaic Period, 332-30 BC Egyptian Glazed Hand Amulet Pendant

A stunning tassel bracelet / anklet in 18ct white and yellow gold.

Chain length is 24cm. Chain weight 4 grams. The chain would make for a large bracelet or an anklet

The bracelet is fully hallmarked for 18ct Gold.

To the chain I added an ancient Egyptian Glazed Composition Hand Amulet Pendant.

The dark blue amulet of an arm and hand is from the Ptolemaic Period, 332-30 BC. The pendant is suspended from two antique gold suspension loops.

This pendant is a genuine artefact from ancient Egypt and is part of the Ex Hubbard collection, London, UK; acquired on the UK art market from 1990.

'During the Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period, small amulets of hands and feet were commonly included in bracelets and anklets. These amulets protected the limbs and extremities of their wearers, while possibly conferring abilities such as dexterity, creative potential, or speed.' -Met museum of art.

The perfect piece for someone who loves Ancient Egypt.

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Will come with a box.

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